Jaunty Jackalope, Ubuntu 9.10 was the tenth Canonical Ubuntu release . It came out on 23 April 2009. It was Canonical's tenth release of the distribution. Jaunty Jackalope had a more rapid boot time than it's predecessors. It has the new Uspash screen which replaced the Bootsplash of previous releases. It had new themes with a new login screen . It included support for Wacom and netbooks. The desktop version has Gimp 2.6, GNOME 2.26, Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser, Pidgin 2.5 instant messenger, OpenOffice 3.0. It uses Linux kernal 2.6.28 and X.Org 7.4. [1] and the third extended filesystem (ext3) as the default file system. [2] Jaunty uses the the Gigalo front end to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVFS. [3] Jaunty support ends in October 2010.


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