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How to Install in 1 hourEdit

This is how to get Ubuntu right now:

  1. Download the most recent release Karmic Koala from Ubuntu here.
  2. Burn to a CD-R using these directions.
  3. Reboot
  4. Select the top most option (it should be something like "Boot or install Ubuntu) and hit enter.
  5. When the Ubuntu desktop comes up, double click "Install" and insert all of the options that suit yourself. When you reach the partitioning stage you should use at least 20GB for the partition. It is easier to use the whole hard drive.
  6. Ubuntu can also be installed with the free Wubi installer for Windows Wubi as a dual boot. It can also be uninstalled with Wubu.

New user questionsEdit

Why should I try Ubuntu?Edit

Ubuntu is a very complete, extremely easy to install and maintain GNU/Linux distribution. It's "beginner friendly" with a very active support community. Security updates are issued in a good time frame.

So Ubuntu is the best distro?Edit

That's like trying to pick the best car: is it a Lotus Elise, Honda Odyssey or Navistar MXT? Same with GNU/Linux distros. It's about the "right tool for the right job". In that vein think of Ubuntu as a really nice "multi-tool": good at lots of different things.

What version should I get?Edit

It depends on what you need. If you're new to Ubuntu and GNU/Linux then start with the default option (Feisty Fawn, v7.04) from here. If you decide not to install it simply reboot you machine and remove the cd. This will leave your previously installed OS untouched.