The listed browsers are free, open source software. They can be installed through the Synaptic Package Manager or by command line.

Arora Edit


Arora is free open source WebKit, cross-platform, browser. It has bookmarks, history, tabbed browsing, smart location bar, OpenSearch, session management, privacy mode, browser optional identification, password manager, download manager, WebInspector and AdBlock. 

Dillo Edit

Dillo is a lightweight, text based browser written in C. and C++It supports plain HTML/XHTML and images over HTTP and scripting is ignored. It has minimal library dependencies make it quite suitable for embedded apps. Dillo is free software released with the GNU General Public License.

Epiphany Edit

Epiphany is a web browser developed by the GNOME community for the GNOME desktop. Standards compliance is achieved on the HTML side by using the Gecko rendering engine and on the user interface side by following the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). It is free software.

Konqueror Edit


Konqueror is a KHTML-based browser. Is is compliant with HTML, supports JavaScript, Java applets, CSS, SSL, and other relevant open standards. It has KDE's advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer. Konqueror is a free Open Source web browser that supports the current web standards.

Lynx Edit

Lynx is a WWW capable text based browser for use on cursor-addressable character cell terminals.

Midori Edit


Midori is a lightweight web browser based on WebKit.

NetSurf Edit

NetSurf is a multi-platform lightweight web browser. Its aim is to provide comprehensive rendering of HTML 4 with CSS 2 in a small resource footprint while remaining fast.

Conkeror Edit


Conkeror [1] is a free, keyboard-driven, Mozilla-based web browser. Its design is primarily patterned after the text editor Emacs including vi. It developer was Shawn Betts. Once a Mozilla Firefox extension, it is now developed for XULRunner as a stand-alone application, development of the extension was abandoned in 2007.

Chromium Edit


Chromium is an open-source web browser on which Google Chrome is based. [1]

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